Iris Biotech

Iris Biotech

On 24th July 1788 the first chemical factory in Germany was founded in Marktredwitz as CFM (Chemische Fabrik Marktredwitz Some 100 years later in 1890 the Tropitzsch brothers acquired the company and intensified research and development in particular in the field of Mercury derivatives. Today another more than 100 years later the portfolio is a wide range from reagents for analytics, biotechnology to specialities and pharmaceutical intermediates. IRIS Biotech was established in 2001 as an offspring in order to strengthen the position in the Peptide and Life Science market.

IRIS Biotech is specialized in reagents for Peptide Synthesis, PEGylation, Life Science Research and Biocatalysis. We have specific know-how and production capabilities to manufacture and supply products from the following areas from Grams to Multi-Ton Lots:

  1. Starting Materials for Peptide Synthesis, Peptidomimetic and Medicinal Chemistry
  2. Reagents for PEGylation

  3. Reagents for Life Science Research
  4. Biocatalysis

  5. Contract Manufacturing


is to accompany our customers during their projects from R&D to Production as highly qualified supplier. We deliver lab quantities to research units for very competitive prices and supply increasing quantities with same quality and specifications during the evolution of our customers’ products to pilot scale and even multi-ton commercial productions with bulk quantities.


We are cooperating with around 35 selected manufacturers and leading universities worldwide with specific expertise in the areas of our activities. All our manufacturing partners go through an intensive and detailed supplier qualification program.