INDUSTRIES WE SERVE Startups From idea to product – the way passes through our products Developing a new product is a complex and expensive process. Our proven ability to supply a vast range of chemicals and reagents, together with understanding the unique needs of young companies, makes us a leading supplier to start-up companies […]

Analytical laboratories

INDUSTRIES WE SERVE Analytical laboratories Your QC – our quality products For good and reliable QC you must have the best products. Tzamal D-Chem Laboratories is chosen by analytical laboratories as their main supplier for HPLC grade solvents, reference standards and impurities, silica gels and HPLC columns. With the professional support of the best manufacturers […]

Academic laboratories

INDUSTRIES WE SERVE Academic laboratories Your academic excellence – Our products We, at Tzamal D-Chem Laboratories, serve the needs of the researchers and graduate students for constant supply of chemicals and reagents of all kinds, while ensuring fast delivery and attractive prices. With over 200,000 products – chemicals, biochemicals NMR tubes and solvents, filtration products […]

Pharmaceutical companies

INDUSTRIES WE SERVE Pharmaceutical companies From laboratory to blockbuster drug – We stand alongside with you With more than 200,000 chemicals and biochemical we, Tzamal D-Chem Laboratories, capable fulfilling all pharmaceutical companies’ needs. With different grades, including pharmacopeia grades (USP/EP/BP) and quantities ranging from grams to tons we accompany from early experimental R&D stages, through […]